I am not going to sugar coat this, our government, its officials, and the people we put in power abuse it – end of story. I am tired of the hypocrisy in the media and bias news reporting going on in the news, papers, and of course the internet. Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media news outlet are “curating” your news to their bias positions.

I will promise you this, this blog is my opinion and my opinion alone. It will get nasty, it will be raw, and at the end of the day it will be an opinion.  You can agree, disagree or agree to disagree. I encourage you to comment and engage in discussion.

I will be categorizing posts by Left, Right, Media, and Winner.

Left and Right are pretty easy, the political left and right will be called out as much as I can for being deceptive or intellectually dishonest.

Media – if you claim to be a news source and “spin” your news in a direction I will be calling you out!

Winner – when I find a left or right person doing the “correct” thing and calling out BS when they should I will declare it as a winner.  Unfortunately these don’t come very often.