First Man gets political and flops at Box Office and loses millions

Ryan Gosling, space, cool poster, a clear setup for box office success – unless you leave out a primary element of humans landing on the moon – the American Flag!

Where do I even start with this one. Let’s begin with, conservatives are pro-American. They represent half of the population. They are, in my opinion, way more “patriotic” than liberals. Director Damien Chazelle attempting to “globalize” the first space mission to the moon looks like it didn’t really pay off. Liberal’s at every corner are downplaying and down right killing “America”. They believe in globalization and socialism – anything to do with America doing anything “great” is consider heresy to them. With a whopping opening of just $16.5M let’s see how much this movie left on the table (see below).

If you want to see a great movie then go see Venom, it was really good!  And in all transparency, I refuse to go see First Man or even rent it when it comes out.

Similar space movies according to Box Office Mojo:

  • Sandra Bullock’s Gravity opened with an amazing $55M.
  • Matt Damon’s The Martian opened with an impressive $54M.
  • Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey made $47M on its opening weekend.
  • The Tom Hanks Apollo 13 movie made $25M on its opening weekend.
  • It looks like the most similar movie to compare to is Clint Eastwood’s Space Cowboys which opened at just over $18M.

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