Twitter limits my account for “abusive” behavior because I called BS on left media

IMG_4409.jpegApparently it is perfectly fine for people (Brian Stelter, Christopher Cuomo, Don Lemonhead) and MANY news accounts to spew completely false and abusive information about the President of the United States but its not ok for an account like mine (with less than 1000 followers) to call these accounts out on the bullshit they are spewing.

In the past week I have seen MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and MANY libtard accounts posting the false narrative of President Trump praising Robert E Lee after telling black Americans to vote for him. There is only only problem, the Tweets showed only the first part of Trumps speech and did not show the piece where he says an “upolished, not good looking, drank too much, didn’t go to West Point General named Ulysees S Grant came along and knew how to win”.

So, in a series of Tweets this week I have been calling out the fake news media with several posts about how they mislead the 500,000 Americans that watch their shows.

After a lot of scrutiny from viewers, NBC actually replied with an apology. But from the liberal lunatics and hollywood elite that immediately jumped on board calling President Trump and his followers “racist”, the problem is, damage has already been done.

I even replied many times to their BS statuses with the following Tweet from Laura Ingraham showing how MSNBC and CNN are WAY below Fox News in viewership. This was in response to Don Lemonhead and Chris Coma making fun of Tucker Carlson – who is #2 in ratings… (btw, Lemonhead isn’t even in the top 52)

So for the next two days, only my followers can see my Tweets on the their platform. Do me a favor, please promote my account as a #MAGA you follow me and I follow you and help me get more followers! @politipocrisy1

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