Gay privilege is real and Don Lemon proved it this week

Did you ever notice people on the left can say whatever they hell they want with zero repercussions? Don Lemon is black and gay, and is so bias he can barely control himself. He is allowed to say totally outrageous things, have guests on that say racists and derogatory things, yet nothing happens. If a straight white male had a show like that it would be chastised by all left media – of wait – there are! Mark Dice, Rush Limbaugh, Ben Shapiro just to name a few. All of which are called “extreme right wingers”. Look at Roseanne Barre got fired for one tweet! Yet, Lemon, every single night says totally outrageous shit in his holier than though attitude. He feels he is above everyone, including you. Just really listen to his condescending tones, it’s disgusting.

So again, he is a minority and he is gay – and he gets away with saying whatever he wants and is actually heralded by the media. Is this some kind of “gay privelege” I am not aware of?

Thank you James Woods and the Daily Caller for calling his bullshit out.

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