Republicans have a huge opportunity!

With the direction Eric Holder gives to his lemming party about kicking Republicans when they are down (which is interesting, because Republicans are way up) and also with Hillary stating their party can not be “civil”, it clearly looks like the true colors of the Democratic party are out and its no rainbow. The mainstream media also is totally unhinged with Don Lemon and crew going down the racist path by calling a black man (Kanye West) a “negro who doesn’t read”. This is so vile and disgusting and clearly the self-proclaimed party of tolerance has proven once again how intolerant they are.

This is the time for Republicans to show what civility, law and order really is. Sit back, grab some popcorn and after your 8 hour or more a day job watch the ridiculous ensue as the left becomes more unhinged. Don’t protest, don’t join a “mob” mentality, just be diligent, act like a human being, and of course vote RED on November 6th.

See below for the referenced Tweets and see and read for yourself if you don’t believe me:

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