Best of liberals being idiots: Tweets of the week!

There are so many outrageous tweets, positions, and down right idiotness going on. I have decided to keep track of the dumbest, funniest, and most ridiculous content from the various liberal media, politicians, and their complete hypocrisy brought to you by my awesome Twitter feed.

Here is the first list of my favorite ones this week that call out the Democratic Party for exactly what they are. Stay tuned each Wednesday for my weekly best.

#10 – @President1Trump

#9 – @marklevinshow


#7 – @kayleighmcenany

#6 – @MikeTokes

#5 – @pahubb43

#4 – @RightWingLawMan

#3 – @w_terrence

#2 – @MarkDice

#1 – @RealJamesWoods

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