Vanity Fair thinks male cheerleaders will “help” the NFL’s image

I can’t even believe I read this article on Vanity Fair. Does the left media really think this is any kind of solution at all? The fact the article talks about female cheerleaders being “body shamed” for having “jelly bellies” just goes to show the author literally knows nothing about why cheerleaders are even there in the first place. Call me old fashioned but I for one don’t want to look at “jelly bellies” cheering NFL games, the entire point is they are suppose to be in shape dancers! Is it any surprise the article was written by a woman?  Another clear disconnect from reality from the left to further the demasculization of men and kill one of the greatest sports on earth.

I am all for men cheerleaders but why would you want any out of shape “people” cheering on the side lines? The males better not be “jelly bellies” either…

I will however answer your question, male cheerleaders will have ZERO impact on the NFL’s image. They will not stop abuse, they will not stop coaches from “body shaming”, and they certainly are not going to stop players from beating their spouses.


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