Liberal Democratic Big Government Council fails people again


In case you haven’t heard, the NYC Council just voted to regulate how many “taxi app” drivers can be available at any given time. Led by Councilman Stephen Levin – Democrat, surprise surprise. Unbelievable, I have no idea how people vote these morons in. A huge win for labor unions and the taxi industry – a major loss for free market and easy to obtain cheap taxis. Hey millenials, regulations like this will ruin your gig economy so keep voting these idiots in or #walkaway. This is exactly why Democrats will never understand capitalism and will always “regulate” over free market.

The City Council voted Wednesday to stop issuing new licenses for most for-hire vehicles for a year in an effort to regulate e-hail apps like Uber, Lyft and Via, whose rapid growth has thrown the city’s taxi industry into chaos. – link

New York City Council votes to cap Uber, Lyft and other e-hail taxi apps

It is just like anything else, if the market is congested, do something different. People will either get another type of job or stay on and deal with it. Once people stop making money they will find something else. But no, the big government thinkers of the Democratic party want to think for you because you are too stupid to figure it out yourself.

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