Fake News by example

Many people say “that’s not fake news just because you don’t like it” while what everyone else is thinking, “why the hell do I care about that? It’s not even news”. That’s where the sides divide.  Here is a prime example of “real” news and fake news.

I was flipping back and forth between FoxNews and CNN, because I always like to see what the topics are and of course CNN is almost 100% about Trump – either Trump taking a crap, or Tump tweeting, or Trump eating McDonalds – you know, classic fake news.

At 8:49am Eastern (or 5:49am Pacific as shown), these are the two topics being discussed:



CNN – Talking about Trump saying he didn’t know about the meeting with the Russians.

FoxNews – Talking about the California proposal to prevent illegals from voting.

Then, at 9:26 am Eastern (or 6:26am on Pacific time), almost 45 minutes later – clearly a different hour and guess what topics are being discussed?



CNN – still talking about Trump knowing or not knowing about the meeting!

FoxNews – Talking about the Economy hitting 4.1% Growth.

This tells me Fox is by far more diversified with their news and the Clinton News Network is repetitive BS about Trump.  Am I wrong here?

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