Oops! Schiff Memo pins Carter Page FISA approval on Anne Conway (Florida)

The Adam Schiff memo was released on February 24th, 2018. You can read it here.

One item of interest is the section entitled DOJ’s FISA Applications and Renewals. In the beginning of this section, it says that the four FISA warrants on Carter Page were approved by four different federal judges. It goes on to state that two of them were appointees of GW Bush, one was appointed by GHW Bush, and one by Ronald Regan. The GHW Bush appointment notation was actually corrected by hand (presumably at the last minute after the two week redaction exercise).

By digging thru the FISC appointment history and cross referencing it with the Schiff memo, we now conclusively know that one of the FISC judges was Ann Conway (Florida) because she is the only FISC member during the 4 FISA time periods that was appointed by GHW Bush. We also know that another of FISC judges was either Raymond Dearie (NY) or Martin Feldman (LA). We know this because Dearie (NY) and Feldman (LA) are the only two Regan appointees during the time period of the four FISA warrants in question. Note that Feldman was no longer on the FISC as of May 19, 2017 and was replaced by Robert Kugler (NJ) so he would have only been a candidate for the last renewal of the four. The remaining two judges are from the set of Kugler (NJ), Collyer (DC), Boasberg (DC), Eagan (Oklahoma), Mosman (Oregon), and Saylor (Mass) all appointed by GW Bush.

We do not know the order of which of these judges approved which FISA applications. We do know that at least two of these FISA approvals were done outside of Washington DC and that one of those was in Florida … Why? Why did they go to four different judges in the first place? Was this to spin the story and make it look like there was progress from approval to approval by obfuscation of previous discussions with previous judges? Do they even get to pick, or was this simply the result of FISC scheduling because these judges also have “day jobs” and their workloads vary?

Perhaps the Method of every FISA approval goes to a new judge on purpose to help assure protection of citizens by not finding a “weak judge?”

Why did Adam Schiff, who was extremely vocal about not exposing any Sources or Methods, make Ann Conway identifiable by writing in the GHW Bush clarification at what appears to be a last minute handwritten correction? If this is not a disclosure blunder, why not go ahead and tell us the other three FISC judges and the order in which they were approached? If this is a disclosure blunder, then perhaps Adam Schiff needs to find new work.

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