This is the religion progressives protect the most

human-2620282_640The right (mostly Fox News) claims that liberals and progressives have a mental disorder. With news like this below, it isn’t a far stretch to see their point of view. At every turn the left praises the religion of peace, Islam, even as homosexuals are thrown to their demise from roof tops throughout the middle east in the name of Allah.

Sex outside marriage, gay sex and cohabitation of unmarried couples would become illegal in Indonesia and punishable with prison terms under proposals from Islamist political parties – link

Surprisingly, this is a big win for the Wall Street Journal, a paper that has clearly slid very left in recent years, so kudos to WSJ for reporting actual news.

“This is one of the biggest Shariah-inspired shifts by revision of a law since the fall of Suharto,” said Andreas Harsono, Indonesia researcher for Human Rights Watch, referring to the longtime dictator whose ouster in 1998 launched a democratic era in Indonesia. – link

If the progressives truly believed in rights for homosexuals and marriage equality, they would be marching and protesting in the streets for our government to get involved and end this madness. Instead they would rather protest in disgusting manners here in the United States where things like Shariah law are not even close to being in power, yet.

Reference article:

Indonesia’s Hard-Line Muslims Push Ban on Unmarried and Gay Sex

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