Who is tired of being made to feel guilty for others poor choices?

Look at how this “journalist” writes this Tweet:

You mean to tell me in the 30 years this guy was in this country he didn’t think to become a citizen? Why are we all meant to feel bad when a grown ass man doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions, or lack there of. This guy could have easily gotten into a program to become a US citizen, but he didn’t.

So many times I see the poorest of poor work their way up in the United States to middle class, upper middle class, or even down right rich. You know why? Because they made the right choices to do so and worked their asses off. Becoming a citizen should have been this guys priority from day one, and if not his, his parents or his guardians. I’m sorry, I tired of being pushed by these liberal “journalists” making me feel bad for poor decisions of grown ass men and women.


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