Why Sen. “The Dick” Durbin and the media are the real scumbags

President Trump is a straight talking egotistical narcissist and everyone, including his base, knows that. Many are taking his “shithole” statement, if said, as a racist statement. There is only one problem with that, in the same context he also said we should be welcoming Asians; which will help contribute to the economy. So which is it? Selective racism?

There is no honor any longer in our political ranks. There is no integrity. This is exactly why Sen. Dick Durbin came out of that meeting with the President and spewed his guts out about what the President said – he is clearly a real Dick. How many times have you been in a business meeting where your boss swears or expresses themself with foul language? Did you come out of that meeting and immediately decide you are going to the press with that?  No, because you would get fired. Same with the military. A junior officer would never come out of a meeting with a senior officer and rat out what that officer said or the words they used. You would take the words as is and interpret as a direction or action you have to take.

There is no chivalry or honor in politics, they are all out for themselves and to utterly destroy the opposition. Even when the President opened the bi-partisan meeting to the other side to bargain for DACA – this dirt bag decides to make a political statement instead of doing his job and working for the people.

Ridiculousness ensues throughout the media for the next two days. Not a single person outside of that room heard President Trump say those words but what did we (and our children) have to hear all day on national television?  We got to hear CNN say the word “shithole” countless times. No filter, no abbreviation, just the full word. Because they want to drive home the point that our President said this. Here is Mark Dice giving us the low down on CNN’s Don Lemon continously repeating the foul language on national television:


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