The Shithead driven Shitstorm over Shitholes

From: anonymous guest author

I am not a journalist.  I am also sure this article will be attacked because it’s not piling on to the “vulgar and racist” mantra that came up this week after President Trump, who refreshingly, speaks as a commoner, called the countries of El Salvador and Haiti, among others, “Shitholes”.

Within Journalism, it is REQUIRED, at a minimum, that one has a good command of the English language.  This means, in my opinion, having a good understanding of what the definition of a noun is.  A layman’s definition, which is all we need here, is that a noun represents a Person, Place, or Thing.

The recent Shitstorm (def: a situation marked by violent controversy) seems to indicate that many (perhaps all) journalists have forgotten (or have purposely twisted) this basic understanding.

Shithole is a noun that refers to a Place. In particular, it encapsulates a “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant Place”.  It is not a statement about People, at all.  There are as many opinions as there are people about which Places are Shitholes.  Some think New York City is a Shithole.  Too crowded, too much trash on the streets, and too much crime.  That does NOT mean that the People who are from there, are “Shitholes”.

Shithead is a noun that refers to People.  In particular, it represents a graphic way to describe a contemptible Person.

Shitticket is a noun that refers to a Thing.  In particular, it represents a graphic way to describe toilet paper.

Back to Shithole.  Haiti has a corrupt government, massive poverty, massive human rights problems, and is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  It is a shithole. Same with El Salvador.  That does NOT convey a “vulgar or racist” statement about the People who either currently live in these places or used to live in these places.  In fact, it says NOTHING about the People.  I love many People from NYC, but to me, NYC is a Shithole.

In summary, given the recent Shitstorm instigated and fueled by the media, it seems that the journalism population has been infiltrated by Shitheads.  Yes, the People.  Perhaps they need to pull their heads out and clean their eyes and ears with Shittickets, so they can clearly see and hear the difference between People, Places, and Things (this is sarcasm, which the commoner President uses often… we will save this topic for another editorial).

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