Book Review: The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions by Mark Dice

The fake news phenomenon has been around a long time but has recently become mainstream primarily because of then candidate Donald Trump began calling the main stream media (MSM) “fake news”. Trump has continued to call MSM news outlets fake news to this very day, a year into his Presidency. I am of course a pretty avid follower of news and politics and have preached you really need to watch two or three channels to get a picture of what the real story is then conclude your own opinion.

This book highlights everything I have whitnessed and suspected for many years. Mark does an amazing job with fact after fact and incident after incident where the media has failed with their false reporting, manipulation of facts, and of course their ridiculous bias. I thought I knew a lot but chapter after chapter Mark brought up some amazing pieces I had not even heard of. He also brings some incredible facts to life on things you thought you knew but realize you only knew pieces of the full picture. Mark can be a bit animated on his YouTube channel with his delivery but I can assure you this book is real and serious. Anyone who wants to have a clue as to what is really going on with their news should read this book and realize it all really is just “fake news”. Very easy read, you will breeze through it in no time and in the end have a much better perspective on whats going in with our news outlets.

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