Movie Review: Pottersville

I don’t normally review movies on this blog but with the ties between Hollywood and politics I am going to go out on a limb here and give a “winner” vote to Hollywood and Netflix. With all of the garbage coming out of Hollywood, this was a breath of fresh air. I also promised Ron Perlman to watch it and give my opinion on Twitter so here you go.

Pottersville is a refreshing, down to earth, feel good movie about a small town in what I believe is Upstate NY based on the Saranac Root Beer shown in two scenes – btw, the absolute best root beer on the planet. Only adding vanilla bean ice cream can make it taste better. The movie is refreshing because it’s a great story, excellent acting, and the cinematography is brilliant. I am from a small town in upstate NY and this “brought me home”. I can relate to the depressed economy, the snow, the cold, and most of all the way a small town comes to together. Everyone knows each other, everyone looks out for each other, and most of all everyone helps out when help is needed. Michael Shannon does an excellent job playing Wayland, the town nice guy who owns the general store in town. It’s sets up nicely, similar to It’s a Wonderful Life with Shannon’s Jimmy Stewart like character who is loved by all. Unfortunately, his simple life has left his wife to cheat on him with none other than Ron Perlman’s Sherriff character while acting out as Furry’s. On a drunken night, depressed Wayland goes out on the town in a gorilla suit hoping to prove to his wife he too can be a bit crazy. This causes the town to go into a “bigfoot” frenzy bringing all kinds of media and attention to the small town and a series of funny and entertaining scenes ensue. Great movie, excellent script, amazing acting, and even better production. A big shout out to Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Tom Lennon, the beautiful Christina Hendricks, and of course Ron Perlman. I am so impressed with the production level of Netflix movies and series, this is clearly the best way to watch movies. Btw, using the Netflix application, I watched it on the plane without being connected to wifi – awesome!

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