Dear Alabama Senate voters: a tale of two parties


One thing is for sure, one of the parties will be eating crow once the evidence, investigation or any type of proof about Roy Moore being a pedophile, racist, or a misogynist creep comes to surface.

The visceral reaction of both sides on social media leads the casual observer totally dazed and confused. Here in a nutshell are some of the things you will find on Twitter these days:

Against tweets like this:

And that is from two non-journalists but both pretty vocal Right and Left popular Twitter handles.

The arguments are so polar you really don’t know who to believe at this point. With the political atmosphere of believing every accuser with no hard evidence this is a very dangerous situation we are in.

However, as the accusers accumulate in numbers you have to wonder if the guy is in fact a creep. It is to the point where you really do not know who to believe and the fact all of this has surfaced so virally right before the election leads you to be even more skeptical because it is clear both sides (Republican and Democrats) are playing this cat and mouse game of popularity. They are playing on the emotions of the voters and to be honest almost nothing you read from current Congressmen/women and Senators can be believed – they are all playing politics and social media is the platform of choice. This is utter chaos…

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