Why Keaton will pay the price for his mothers actions

So over the weekend we had this video of a child explaining how he was bullied at school:

Sad and horrible isn’t it? I thought so when I watched it. I was angry and pissed at how horrible kids can be to each other. I am so fortunate to not have been bullied and I can see the pain in this child’s voice, it makes me sick.

However, then word came out that his mother was a racist for her public posts on Facebook. This picture flooded the internet:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.39.37 PM

Outside of the unintelligible language I don’t see anything racist here unless things like “never picked a switch” is some kind of southern code for knocking people of color – I honestly don’t know. Keep in mind, the Confederate flag is not racist nor is standing for the American flag – regardless of what the left loons say. It may be offensive to some people but I actually know many southerners who are not racist that simply love the Confederate flag. I am a northerner and I could care less about the Confederate flag or how people perceive it – but that’s not my argument here.

The real problem is, after Kimberly Jones was called a racist by many on social media she decided to hide all of her posts on Facebook and Twitter. If she had nothing to hide then why hide it? This only leaves me to believe she is a racist… sorry.

Unfortunately Keaton will pay for his mothers actions and it may actually make the bullying worse. Otherwise, Kimberly, do yourself a favor and unhide your social posts and prove you are not a racist.

So many people of color came to Keaton’s defense and the only thing we can hope is this is a huge lesson for Keaton and his mother and maybe it helps convince everyone that racism is just horrible and needs to die. If Kimberly Jones reads this post I would really love to hear your side of the story.


2 thoughts on “Why Keaton will pay the price for his mothers actions

  1. Lol, “Huge lessons for Keaton and his mother” what a shitty thing to say. It’s disgusting how you’re trying to turn this against a kid who had no choice to grow up with parents who brandish the confederate flag, and now your essentially calling him racist after seeing 3 pictures?

    You’re hateful, and it’s disappointing you would rather chastise this child for being born into this family, and assuming he is racist. I hope you spent the $3 you made writing this article bettering yourself and the person you are.

    1. Yeah I think you miss the point of my post. The child will be subjected to this for the rest of his life all because of the mothers ignorance. I didn’t chastise the kid at all, it’s all on the mother.

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