Is Roy Moore guilty… or not?

Legally Roy Moore is not guilty. He has not been found guilty on any accounts. However, in the current climate where “the woman is always right” the public and media are having a frenzy over these accusations and are calling for the withdrawal of all candidates with even a hint of accusation pointed toward them.

The problem I have with this Moore case is why now? Why has it taken so long for these women to come out? Mark my words, this is a political machine at work. It is working on both sides of the isle. As soon as Harvey Weinstein’s accusers got the strength to come forward it was all over. Weinstein was a huge Clinton supporter. The Clintons, for years shushed Bills accusers and never once did the media bat an eye at it. With Hillary losing the election this was an opening to “cleanse” the world of abusers. It started in Hollywood and government quickly followed. Two giant cesspools of perversion and authoritative abusers.

Moore, if guilty, is of course a pig like the rest of them. If he ends up in the Senate there will be an ethics investigation, mark my words, so his Senate run may be short lived. I the mean time he remains on the Politisex Leaderboard but only as “accused” as literally no hard evidence has been brought forward – pictures, videos, etc.

The question we have to ask ourselves is why now? One obvious reason is this will put the Democrats closer to a majority in the Senate and then they will have enough power to go down the “impeach Trump” path. This is exactly why I think this is a giant marketing machine by the left, otherwise why wouldn’t the accuser have hired a professional to look at the hand writing, right away? Just smells fishy…

So after 40 years of silence, a forged signature, and a less than credible accuser, we are to believe Roy Moore is the pedophile we are being told he is? Moore is so confident it’s all bullshit he is actually suing for liable – now that is a stance. Because if he brings it to a court of law he could easily be found guilty.

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