Al Franken should not resign

This is another very interesting political quagmire we are witnessing. Al Franken has not been accused of any sexual misconduct as a United States Senator, not one. Every voter knew where he came from, the cesspool Hollywood Industry and as a comedian no less. Now, I will not say the things he did weren’t gross but look at the time and who he was – he was a comedian. The picture wasn’t funny either, imagine if that were your daughter and someone joked about grabbing her breasts, still funny?

This is no excuse for Al Franken but guess what, people change, people grow and from what I can tell he has done nothing but become an advocate for women since his first day in public office. Do I agree with his political positions, no, in fact I disagree on most but that’s not the point. Ever hear of second chances?

On the flip side of this argument, I do think we need to completely drain the swamp. Anyone accused of this conduct in office must go. End of story. People’s past lives after the fact they have been elected, sorry, just don’t agree. These things need to be vetted out before they get voted in. Once you are in office, you are in. Unless you were legally convicted of a crime prior to being in office then its really all just BS.

Senator Franken to my knowledge has not done anything wrong in office nor done anything illegal prior. This moment in history is big, its huge, because now, every woman who is subjected to this crap will come forward immediately and nip it in the bud, in real-time. Let’s continue the march and make sure all women are given the strength and support they need to come forward. That’s all we can hope for and eventually no one who has these things in their past will even run for office. Then and only then will the swamp be fully drained, on both sides.

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