Facebook blocked my account after buying boost ad for Alabama Senate race

Yep, you heard this right. My recent post “A letter to Alabama: It’s not Roy Moore, it’s the seat you are voting for.” is probably controversial to anyone who is “left” and I attempted to “boost” that post on Facebook to drive visitors to my site.

Well, after about 5 hours of being online the visitors started to come in. I actually ended up getting the most views on this site since I started it. However, Facebook soon shut down my page and my boost advertisement and claimed my account had suspicious activity! Interestingly, my boost was only for 3 days – From Saturday to about mid day Tuesday for the election in Alabama and I only targeted the state of Alabama because let’s be honest, who else cares about my opinion on this senate race besides Alabama voters? The irony is, every damn day I logged into that Facebook page I got popups telling me I get $30 towards boosting my ads so I figured, oh perfect timing. Let’s see how this plays out for a few bucks and a few days.  I was actually very impressed in those five hours, now I am a complete skeptic that Facebook is in fact shutting down ANY articles that are perceived to be right wing. I am willing to bet if I boosted my Denzel Washington, or my Chris Cuomo post there would be no problems.

It logged me out, disabled my account and says this when I attempt to log in:

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 10.25.48 PM

I have attempted to show no bias in this sites positions on political views, attempting to just stick with the facts and of course my own opinion, observations, and some times speculations. I have been very vocal about the sexual allegations and Moore has been included in those and as of today exists on the Politisex Leaderboard because of the accusations. This is a Facebook FAIL and is now logged as a Media Hypocrisy on here.

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