Bernie’s “rape article” and politicians views on women

This is and should be an extremely disturbing take on women, men, and sexuality from none other than the Godfather of American Socialism, Bernie Sanders. The article he wrote in the 70’s is a disturbing view into the mind of a young Democrat but more importantly given the atmosphere we are living in today is a view into a “politicians” mind about women.

I can see men fantasizing about bondage, submissiveness of women, and even of women having sex with multiple male partners at the same time. But to go to the level of saying “women fantasize about being gang raped” is a bit ridiculous, especially if you understand the premise of “rape”. Rape is nothing to make light of; it is something no one who hasn’t been raped will understand. Imagine being totally physically dominated against your will and then violently penetrated – that is rape. There is nothing “pleasurable” about it and I honestly doubt any woman fantasizes about it. Now, again, maybe fantasizing about multiple male partners, willingly, is a totally different situation but that is not what Bernie said.

It is becoming more apparent that many men in power abuse that power. While Sanders may be free from any accusations in this space it’s clear his young 30’s something politician mind had some level of thought in this space with the way he characterizes women and men for that manner – hopefully he never did act on any of those thoughts – time will tell.

If you get a chance, check out the video and article on CNN to learn more about this article and the contents of it. I simply will not rest until the swamp is drained. I think we can have leaders in office that do not commit these atrocities and abuse of power and women can freely occupy our government positions without being threatened by perverted male superiors. In essence, we need more men and women in power that call it out when it happens and insure those who are subjected to this behavior are held accountable. As for now, it seems the swamp is in fact draining itself, on both sides…


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