A letter to Alabama: It’s not Roy Moore, it’s the seat you are voting for.

If you think about what is going on in the political landscape today the biggest worry Republicans have is losing seats in the house and senate.

Given that, Alabama voters need to look past the person, Roy Moore, and think about the seat in this election next Tuesday. The fact is, once he gets voted in, don’t be surprised if the GOP turns their back on him and forces him out. This will at least secure the seat to a Republican. I know this doesn’t sound too well to the Democrats but believe me, they are all calculating all of these seats and the swamp is currently “protecting their own“. Otherwise, why hasn’t the list of all the offenders who gave pay outs from tax dollars surfaced? Because the swamp is still protecting its own.

In my mind, the swamp is draining itself and “the list” needs to just come out. We all do a political reset and life goes on. Only then will the swamp be drained.


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