We are witnessing a real women movement

For years women have been subjected to power hungry sexual predators that used their position to abuse women in all kinds of ways. It has been going on for our entire human history and in these past few months the true liberation and equality women have been seeking is finally here. Only now are you seeing women being bold enough to call out their predators and violators to seek justice. Only now is the media, politicians, and every other man who has violated a woman scared to shit they will be the next one called out. How did this happen?

My theory, President Donald Trump. Think about it, he came from Hollywood. He knew what went on in the business and from the shit he said in that bus about grabbing womens’ pussies it unleashed all hell on Hollywood and then politicians. Is he guilty? I am sure he is in some instances, or maybe all.  The one thing I do know is if Hillary Clinton was the President, all of this would still be hidden in the dark chasm of NDA’s and good ol’ boy networks. They would still be protecting “their kind”.  Just look at how many people came out and said “they knew about so and so”. In almost every case, “everyone knew”. I believe the sides are now playing against each other and even more cases will come out, just watch.

Now women are on a level playing field. They know this shit doesn’t cut it any longer and finally, just maybe our culture will change and women will feel safe around men and not be intimidated to do anything for a man to keep their job or get ahead.

Maybe Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General Candidate has point by campaigning for “no penises” in government…

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