Pelosi misleads the American people…again #draintheswamp

While Rep Pelosi does a 180 in the beginning of this clip about her position on Rep Conyers and all of the sexual assault victims, she ends her speech with some bazaar statement about this being President Trumps fault. What?

This “environment” was created by none other than President Clinton when he and the Democratic party decided getting blow jobs from interns in the oval office was acceptable behavior. This is a long line of deception from these long standing politicians and the fact is they all need to go.

If anything, it was President Trumps watch that has not only exposed the pig politicians but also all of those pig Hollywood stars that have abused their entire industry for years. This is what happens when you have a President that came from Hollywood – all kinds of shit is coming out of the woodwork. A big thanks to NBC News for posting the ridiculous video.

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