Winner, winner! Rep Kathleen Rice, the new face of the Democrat party!


Rep Kathleen Rice broke ground today calling out “the elephant in the room” against her Democrat party colleagues. Sticking to her moral guns on the sexual assault issues plaguing her party and the rest of DC she walked out of Democrat party meeting for ignoring the assaults.

Rice also rips into Rep Pelosi for the comments Pelosi made by saying Conyers is “an icon”. “I think that her comments on Sunday set women back and – quite frankly, our party back – decades,” said Rice.

She also went so far to propose a lift on the gag order on Conyers’ accusers according to the NYPostNYPost.

The Long Island Democrat sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan Wednesday asking for Conyers’ accuser to be allowed to talk about her case against the Detroit Democrat. – link

This is exactly the kind of leader the American people are looking for – remove the party lines and stop playing politics and simply do the right thing. For this, we here at Politipocrisy put Rep. Kathleen Rice into our Winners category!

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