Are you dreaming of a Black Christmas?

Black Lives Matter is at it again, this time through their LA account on Twitter, they tweeted for people to “withhold dollars from White capitalism” and to “donate” money to a Black organization. Nice, I couldn’t imagine worse advice.

While this may be great in the short term and probably bring smiles to peoples faces, this is exactly what is wrong with BLM and their divisive rhetoric. Imagine instead of donating to black charities you created businesses and jobs in black communities where everyone in the community benefits from “White Capitalism”. White Capitalism is an absolute horrible and divisive phrase. This mentality is exactly what keeps minorities down. Money sees no color. Capitalism sees no color.  You really want to have a “Black Christmas”, open businesses in black neighborhoods and teach kids early on that working hard is how you get ahead in life, not accepting things for free from the government.

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