Net Neutrality and what it really means

With all of the sex scandals going on there is a topic our media and politicians are not covering very well at all and that is Net Neutrality. President Obama created rules to prevent internet service providers (AT&T, TimeWarner, Spectrum, etc) from charging more for different kinds of content. In case you are thinking, well who cares, that won’t affect me!  You are wrong, it will affect you.

So let’s discuss why this is even happening. On the left side of the argument you have the internet service providers like Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Spectrum,. On the right side of the argument you have big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix.

So now you might be seeing what is really at stake here…

You have on one side, companies that not only own the pipe in which data flows through but also own channels like HBO, Showtime, and many other channels (ie. content).  On the other side you have content providers – internet, movies, and streaming video services. So the right side relies on the left side for the most part to get their content to you.  So let’s take the obvious elephant in the room and focus on that – Netflix.

Many people have “cut the cord” and moved to only use services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. So their bill to companies like Time Warner/Spectrum are most likely less because they don’t have cable television. So let’s do some comparisons.

The bill on the left is a hypothetical current cable customer that has a triple play package and the one on the right is a customer with just Internet and Netflix:

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.24.26 AM

There is close to a $25 dollar gap the internet service provider is losing out on. So what does this have to do with Net Neutrality?  Everything…

If the GOP/FCC reverse the regulations on the internet service providers they could simply raise the price of internet for specifically “video streaming services“. They could even make the experience so horrible for your streaming service it would force you to pay the premium internet service price.

Thank God for twitter, here is a great example of what would happen:

So while you “cord cutters” have been saving $25 a month watching your streaming service, the ISP will be able to just charge you $25 more since you aren’t watching their content. This will end up hurting companies like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any other “service” that competes with the internet service providers.

This isn’t political FUD. The Republicans are going to cause a lot of pain if the FCC removes these regulations. I am never for regulations or big government but unfortunately this gives ISP’s just way too much power.

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